Fruugo: Efficient and Reliable Data Center Infrastructure Supports Business Growth

The international e-commerce platform Fruugo sought a reliable partner for the development and maintenance of its data centre infrastructure. Verticom implemented a tailored maintenance solution for Fruugo, meeting the needs of its growing business.

Fruugo is an international online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers worldwide. The company has experienced rapid growth and has been listed in the Financial Times “FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” for the past four years.

“Fruugo’s infrastructure team is in England, and the hardware is in Finland. We needed a Finnish partner to support the hardware infrastructure. I became acquainted with Verticom during our previous storage system upgrade, and the collaboration quickly evolved into a comprehensive partnership,” says Fruugo’s CTO Jukka Koivusalo.

Fruugo’s product catalogue encompasses hundreds of millions of items. Due to the substantial data volumes and high traffic demands, the infrastructure also requires significant capabilities. Rapid growth also presents its challenges.

When the risks of a single data centre solution exceeded the business’s tolerance, Verticom assisted in designing and implementing a three-data-centre solution. Simultaneously, the storage system and SAN network were upgraded.

From Current State Assessment to Reliable Data Center Infrastructure

Verticom constructed a tailored solution for Fruugo that comprehensively addressed the company’s needs. The collaboration began with a thorough assessment to understand the current environment and development needs. Based on this assessment, a maintenance solution was designed and implemented for the data centre infrastructure, covering monitoring of the hardware environment and ongoing maintenance.

Additionally, Verticom provides expert assistance to Fruugo in environment planning, installation, and hardware procurement.

A Professional and Reliable Partner Provides Peace of Mind

“Verticom’s expertise, innovative solutions, and agility have helped us cost-effectively upgrade and expand our infrastructure. As a result of our collaboration, we now have an efficient and reliable data centre infrastructure that supports our business excellently,” says Koivusalo. “Our partner has proven to be reliable, professional and genuinely interested in our success.”

Koivusalo expresses high satisfaction with the partnership: “We highly recommend Verticom to anyone in need of reliable and comprehensive data centre infrastructure maintenance and expert assistance in their IT projects.”

“We now have an efficient and reliable data centre infrastructure that supports our business excellently”

Jukka Koivusalo, CTO

Fruugo Ltd.