IT Consulting and Expert Services

The IT environments of companies are constantly becoming more complex, and evolving needs demand diverse expertise. Developing technology offers many opportunities for efficiency and innovation, but realizing these opportunities requires both broad and deep knowledge of IT environments.

Expert assistance in
IT consulting for
the planning, construction,
and development of
IT environments.

A company’s IT environment is always a unique entity, and generic package solutions do not fit all. To truly understand what IT solutions serve your business best, you need a reliable and independent expert partner who genuinely understands your needs and proactively responds to them.

Your Trusted IT Partner

Verticom’s IT consulting service solves your IT challenges and designs solutions that best serve your business. Our experts have extensive and solid experience in the field, with a constant passion for developing their expertise. As our customer, you can trust that your IT environment is taken care of with the latest industry knowledge.

We also have a close and comprehensive partner network through which you can access solutions related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud services, or container technology.

Backup Services – Veeam

Securing data ensures business continuity in case of disruptions. We handle the deployment and updates of Veeam backup services securely and professionally.

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Virtualization Services – VMware, HyperV

Virtualization is a crucial part of many companies’ IT infrastructure, enabling efficiency and cost savings. Our experienced experts handle the mapping, planning, installation, and migration of the virtualization solutions your company needs.

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Linux Consulting

We design and implement Linux solutions tailored to your company’s needs. We assist you with Redhat solutions, migration projects, system upgrades, and other Linux support needs.

Monitoring Services – Zabbix Consulting

We monitor your IT environment as a whole, taking care of logging, log retention, and application monitoring on your behalf.

Network Design

A functional network environment is secure and designed to meet your business needs. We plan networks for your company with professionalism and 30 years of experience. You can also get maintenance and support services from us.

Security Solutions

Companies’ IT environments must constantly meet increasingly stringent security requirements. We implement comprehensive and reliable security solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

Server and Storage System Planning, Implementation, and Maintenance

We design functional server and storage solutions that meet your needs. We also take care of the maintenance and service of these solutions.

Data Center Relocations

Moving a data center requires IT expertise, which is rarely found in a regular moving company. We plan and implement data center relocations from start to finish, safely and reliably.

We build with you an IT environment that serves the individual needs of your business.