Rent a Server – Secure Data Center for Your Business from Verticom

A secure and reliable data center is essential for today’s businesses. In Verticom’s data centers located in Finland, your critical business data is secure.

Our experts work with you to design a solution that combines properly sized capacity, uncompromising data security, and predictable costs.



Server Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Together, we create a server solution that suits your needs. We offer both physical and virtual server capacity. You can have either a specified amount of virtual server resources or a dedicated server environment where all resources are exclusively yours.

Your Data is Secure Domestically

Our data centers are located within reach of the data connections in the Helsinki metropolitan area and are protected according to the requirements of ISO 27001 certification. With Verticom, you know where and how your data is taken care of.

Reliable Environment Ensures Operational Reliability

A reliable data center keeps your business running even in exceptional situations. In Verticom’s data centers, the hardware environment is secured with redundant networks and power supplies, along with 24/7 monitoring.

Easily Anticipate and Budget

With us, you know what you’re paying for. The pricing for our data center’s server and data capacity is clear and transparent, making it easy to anticipate and budget costs.

Let’s build a data center solution that suits your needs.