Proxmox VE virtualization solutions

Proxmox VE is a versatile and cost-effective platform for virtualizing IT infrastructure, optimizing resources and increasing efficiency. Proxmox is an established provider of virtual environments already since 2008.

Verticom is your partner in Proxmox solutions from design to maintenance and further development. We tailor a solution for your company that takes your IT environment and business needs into account individually.

Full support for the design, implementation, and maintenance of the Proxmox solution

Our experts design a complete solution for your Proxmox environment that meets your requirements. Through us, you get solution planning, migration, and continuous maintenance as well as equipment and their maintenance.

Finnish professionals at your assistance

As a Verticom customer, you have access to the support of local professionals in Finland. Dealing with us is quick and efficient – both in Finnish and in English.

Optimize costs

Proxmox’s clear and comprehensive licensing model enables long-term budgeting and helps save costs.

Trusted and stable technology

As an open-source solution, Proxmox offers full access to all functionality and a stable and secure platform for IT environment virtualization.