IT Environment Maintenance and IT Multibrand Service

Verticom offers cost-effective maintenance and service solutions for servers, storage systems, network devices, and firewalls. We tailor a maintenance and service agreement with you to meet the unique needs of your company.



IT Maintenance from a trusted partner

Rest easy – leave the maintenance of your IT environment to us. When skilled and experienced experts take care of your IT infrastructure, you can focus on developing your own business.

Multilingual Service

You won’t be stuck behind a language barrier with us – in addition to Finnish, we can serve you in English.

24/7 Emergency Support

Our experts respond to service requests around the clock and start investigating any malfunctions without delay.

Fast Availability of Spare Parts

The spare parts for devices covered by your maintenance agreement are either available in our own stock or at your company’s premises. This way, you can get your devices back in operation as quickly as possible without unnecessary waiting.

VMware Maintenance

Need support for VMware maintenance? Verticom provides all services related to your VMware environment conveniently from one source. If desired, we take responsibility for the operation and support of your company’s entire VMware setup.

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Proxmox is a cost-effective open-source alternative for virtualization. Verticom offers full support for the design, maintenance, and development of the Proxmox VE environment.

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Rest easy – we will take care of your IT environment.