IT Equipment, Licenses, and Spare Parts for Businesses

Get your company’s IT equipment, licenses, and spare parts seamlessly from Verticom. We select the right device supplier with you and configure your environment for immediate use.



Get Everything You Need for Your IT Environment from Us:

  • Servers and HCI Solutions
  • Network Devices and Firewalls
  • Storage Devices
  • Licenses
  • Workstations
  • Printers
  • Components

We Are an Independent Reseller

We sell you devices that truly fit your needs.

Turnkey Solution

We take care of planning, configuration, and installation for you.

Refurbished IT Equipment – a Step towards Circular Economy

Acquiring used IT equipment is not only cost-effective but also responsible. We sell refurbished and carefully tested IT equipment and spare parts, always with a warranty. Ask us for more information about refurbished IT equipment and spare parts.

Let’s design a device solution that suits your needs.