VMware Environment Maintenance

With Verticom’s VMware maintenance service, you get all services related to VMware environments professionally from one source. Our experienced experts manage, maintain, monitor, and develop your company’s VMware environments. We customize a solution that meets your specific needs – if desired, we take responsibility for the operation and support of your company’s entire VMware setup.

We appoint a dedicated consultant and solution salesperson for your company, ensuring fast and straightforward communication.

Always Up-to-Date Maintenance

We regularly check the environment and servers and take care of maintenance updates. You also receive comprehensive documentation of your environment’s configuration.

Continuous Monitoring

We monitor the status of components and services on your behalf, ensuring proactive issue identification and quick response in case of problems.

Development with Expertise

We identify the development needs of the environment and implement changes with professionalism. We also ensure thorough documentation of the changes, providing you with information about potential risks and their documentation.

We create a suitable VMware solution with you to meet your needs.