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Multivendor IT Support

IT support – The entire service chain is produced in the Nordics

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  • 24/7

  • Local spare parts

  • No extra processes

  • Cost effective

  • No end of support

  • Adjustable service levels

  • Localization

Verticom offers IT-Support among other brands for HP, HP Alpha and VAX, SUN-Oracle, IBM, Fujitsu, Dell, EMC systems and their peripheral devices. Our IT Support Service portfolio covers servers, disk systems, tape libraries, workstations, SAN switches, and communication products. We are flexible in offering different Support contract service levels to our customers. A great benefit for our customers is the fact that we do not have end of support life, but we can also provide service for older systems.

Why Verticom IT Support?

  • We are efficient, agile and we focus on customer satisfaction.
  • We are IT Support professionals with extensive experience.
  • You can get in contact with IT experts easily and directly.
  • We have local spare part warehouses with wide range of parts available.
  • Verticom is more flexible and cheaper option than traditional big brands.
  • Our local engineers are native speakers of the local languages.

Verticom serves customers around the clock in all IT Support matters and problems. For us, it is a key performance indicator to secure serviceability of customer systems in all situations. This can only be achieved with motivated and highly skilled IT Support experts, local spare parts, and customer oriented approach. Satisfied customers have confidence in Verticom’s cost-effective services, response times, and competence. High satisfaction scores have been demonstrated in our customer satisfaction surveys carried out by an external organization. One reason for that is our simple, quick and customer-first operation model. Our customers represent different businesses and organizations, such as Manufacturing, Finance, Telco, Public Sector, and different kinds of Service Providers.

Verticom has different IT Support Service Levels to choose from. A great deal of our customers have critical systems that are secured with our 24/7 IT Support Contract. When system failure occurs, customer can reach our technical personnel directly without any complicated procedures or delays. Our employees are real professionals who have experience of supporting systems from low-end to high-end datacenter devices. We can also help in virtualization and migration projects as well as in other IT projects. Verticom also has high standard datacenter, form where we can offer variety of IT resources for you.

Verticom has 20 Service Points covering main areas in the Nordics (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark) and the Baltics, which means we have local senior engineers and spare part warehouses near the customer. Our IT Support is available on 24/7 in all countries. If customer has needs for other datacenter locations, Verticom can establish a new Service Point as requested. All local technical resources are experienced in IT Support and IT Services.

Verticom IT Support is unique in model

It is not rare in IT Support arena that IT Support calls travel round the globe before real actions to resolve the problem are taken by technical specialists. This is a common model, especially with large service companies. Verticom provides a very different customer experience. We have simple and straight forward process to handle service calls that enables us to help our customers without delay. Our experts handle calls 24/7 and start technical actions without any delays.

IT Support is available for many brands as multivendor support. IT Support covers from newer system models to older equipment because Verticom have the needed skills and spare parts to maintain all kinds of assets. The benefit of Verticom model is the fact that customers are not forced to make system changes since manufacturer does not provide support for that type of system anymore. If everything is working fine, why change it? Verticom can also deliver parts to increase systems performance in terms of additional memory, CPU, disk capacity etc. That is a good way to save money, and Verticom makes IT Support possible in every situation.

Verticom delivers IT Support with the needed skills, parts and service level. Happy customers since 1993!

IT Support – right service model for you

To define the right service model, it is important to review systems and service expectations together. Verticom can also help the customer to collect needed system configuration information. We will personalize the IT Support model to fit your situation and needs.

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IT support - high quality Finnish service